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Olympics results and every information you need

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Most interesting facts about RCB.. ROYAL CHALLENGERS BANGALORE....

RCB Team In IPL – Highest Run, Wicket, Win Loss Record and Other Stats Facts About Royal Challengers Bangalore GooglePinterest  Interesting and amazing facts with all important stats about RCB Team In IPL, one of the most popular franchise of the league. Currently led by Virat Kohli, team possess most dangerous and formidable batting line up which has no match in cricket arena at this time. From Highest Run and Wicket to most expensive players and worst season, every important fact about the team. Stats mentioned here are upto Season 8 i.e. IPL 2015. RCB Team In IPL – Some Interesting Facts and Stats 1. Royal Challengers Bangalore is owned by Vijay Mallya through his firm UB Group, most popular for Liquor brand Kingfisher. 2. He bid for the team in 2008 Auction organised by BCCI and won the rights for US$ 111.3 Million. It was second highest bid after Mukesh Ambani’s US$ 111.9 bid for Mumbai. 3. RCB play their home game at M Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. 4. Virat Kohli is the most ex…

Top 10 records in cricket which can never be broken.... Must see...indians love the 2nd one....

10. Jack Hobbs Runs and Centuries in 1st ClassJust Mind boggling Batting Figures for Jack Hobbs in First Class Cricket. Jack Hobbs Scored 61,237 Runs in his First Class Career, Including 197 Centuries.  Jack Hobbs played First Class Cricket till he was past 50. His career figures now seems like no one can surpass them. His runs and centuries in First Class Cricket is 10 Most Unbeatable Cricket Record in my mind. 9. Don Bradman 974 Runs in a Test Series Wally Hammond must have been chuffed when he totalled 905 runs on the Australian tour of 1928-29. In the next Ashes Series, played in England, Don Bradman broke that record and made 974 runs in the five-match series. His scores read 8 & 131 at Trent Bridge, 254 & 1 at Lord’s, 334 at Headingley, 14 in Manchester and finally 232 at the Oval. The closest anyone has come to breaking Bradman’s record is when Vivian Richards Scored 829 runs out of the same opponent in 1976. 8. Phil Simmons’ Economy Rate in a ODI If you bowl out ten ove…

Top future phones that may or not exist...

10 AWESOME SMARTPHONE CONCEPTS THAT MAY NEVER EXIST We can already do a million and one things with the smart phones in our pockets, but who knows what phones will be able to do in the future. Contact lens phones, gold tooth phones, earring phones – the possibilities are endless. Here at Digital Trends, we’re personally rooting for the eye patch phone because if you want to be cool, you gotta wear an eye patch, mahn. Below are 10 cool concept phones that we came across while we were wakeboarding the Internet. Tron phone This phone will never be made, because it doesn’t work, but we think it’s pretty cool. This phone was designed by Andrew D. Morgan with inspiration from the Tron Legacyfilm. They essentially felt that the programs in the grid would need a way to communicate. Stay tuned for AT&T’s manufacturing of this phone once the grid becomes a real thing.  Likelihood of existing: Lower than grandpa’s … life expectancy? Nokia 2030

The top 10 best songs by selena Gomez the Pop singer

The 10 best songs by Selena Gomez1204206487982165417616y2014m11d25 Selena Gomez may have started her career on “Barney & Friends,” but today she’s all grown up and one of the biggest pop stars in the world. After a teen stint on Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place,” this talented actress and singer slowly made her transition into more adult music with the help of her on-off band mates The Scene. Check out 10 of the best songs by Selena Gomez. 10.“Who Says” The opening track from the 2011 Selena Gomez and the Scene album, When the Sun Goes Down, helped pave the way for a more adult audience. Still, it was tame enough not to alienate the pop star’s young fans – or their parents. 9. “Magic” Speaking of parents, older generation Selenators may remember the 1970s version of this song by the band Pilot. Gomez covered the tune for the 2009 “Wizards of Waverly Place” soundtrack, and it’s still a concert staple. 8.“Falling Down” Also back in 2009, this breakout rock-pop hit from the album