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Galaxy Note 6 Specs: 5.8-inch 4K Display and Force Touch

The display of the current generation Galaxy Note 5 is simply amazing. It has a high pixel density of 515 ppi. As a result, it produces an incredibly vibrant view. However, the display of the next-generation Galaxy Note 6 will be even more stunning. According to the different rumors on the Galaxy Note 6 specs, the device will have a 4K display. It will have an even higher pixel density of 550 ppi. So, it will definitely be one of the most stunning phablet displays of all time. Moreover, similar to the iPhone 6S screen, the display of the Note 6 will feature Force Touch technology.

Galaxy Note 6 Specs: 6 GB RAM

The recently launched Galaxy S7 has been equipped with the massive 4 GB RAM. It indicates that the Galaxy Note 6 will have an even better RAM capacity, as the devices of the Note line-up always feature a more powerful specification. According to the rumors on the Galaxy Note 6 specs, the device will come with the massive 6 GB RAM. As a result, the pace of the operation will reach a new level. Moreover, one of its future competitors, Vivo XPlay 5, is confirmed to feature the RAM with the same capacity. It might work as a driving factor to push Samsung equip its upcoming phablet with such a massive capacity of RAM.   

Galaxy Note 6 Specs: 256 GB Storage

The internal storage of the Galaxy Note 6 is expected to be enhanced significantly. In fact, it is rumored to be increased to such a level that you might have not expected. According to the rumors on the Galaxy Note 6 specs, the device will feature an internal storage of 256 GB. Samsung has already begun the production of the 256 GB UFS 2.0 memory chip. It strongly indicates that the particular component will be applied in the upcoming phablet.

Galaxy Note 6 Specs: 12-MP Britcell Camera

Similar to the Galaxy S7, Samsung is planning to decrease the mega-pixel range of the shooters of the Galaxy Note 6 and focus on the other factors that can produce a great photography. According to the rumors on the Galaxy Note 6 specs, the next-generation phablet will come with a 12-MP rear shooter. However, it will not affect the quality of the image, as it will incorporate the BRITCELL technology. It will enable you to capture stunning photos even in extremely low light conditions. So, it will definitely be a pretty cool and effective feature.
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