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The top 10 best songs by selena Gomez the Pop singer

The 10 best songs by Selena Gomez

The 10 best songs by Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez may have started her career on “Barney & Friends,” but today she’s all grown up and one of the biggest pop stars in the world. After a teen stint on Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place,” this talented actress and singer slowly made her transition into more adult music with the help of her on-off band mates The Scene. Check out 10 of the best songs by Selena Gomez.
The opening track from the 2011 Selena Gomez and the Scene album, When the Sun Goes Down, helped pave the way for a more adult audience. Still, it was tame enough not to alienate the pop star’s young fans – or their parents.
Speaking of parents, older generation Selenators may remember the 1970s version of this song by the band Pilot. Gomez covered the tune for the 2009 “Wizards of Waverly Place” soundtrack, and it’s still a concert staple.
Also back in 2009, this breakout rock-pop hit from the album Kiss & Tell was a bit edgier than some of Selena’s previous music. It helped to announce her arrival on the music scene, but it still debuted on Disney Channel.
Selena’s first solo album, Stars Dance,features some of the pop star’s biggest songs. This second single from the album, which is about taking a relationship slow, has a heavy EDM influence and is a concert showstopper.
Selena’s debut single was actually recorded for the Disney Channel TV movie Another Cinderella Story. The song, which is found onKiss & Tell, features a fun music video with Selena portraying a housemaid.
The pop star’s 2014 greatest hits compilationFor You boasts several remixes, as well as this gorgeous single, which was reportedly inspired by her ex-flame Justin Bieber. Selena made headlines at the 2014 American Music Awards for her emotional performance of this deeply personal song.
One of her biggest hits, “Love You Like a Love Song” is the second single from Selena’s 2011 album When the Sun Goes Down. The catchy tune—which features an electro pop beat—is a dance club favorite.
This breakthrough song from 2009’s Kiss & Tell introduced non-Disney fans to the young singer. This remains one of her most recognizable hits (and music videos) to date. When the music video was first released, the then-17-year-old singer told MTV, “The video is very different from any other video that I’ve done. It has a lot more fierce clothes and a lot of fun colors.” She also dished that it felt “amazing” to have finally completed her album, which she had been working on for two years.
Selena dropped The Scene for the 2013 solo album Stars Dance, and the album’s lead single absolutely exploded. Come & Get Itfeatures Indian music influences, and the popular singer got into a bit of hot water when she wore a bindi during several live performances of the song.
A definite fan favorite, this more mature 2010 dance track is one of the singer’s most beloved songs. Selena loves this song so much that she even recorded a Spanish version, titled "Un Año Sin Lluvia." The lush tune is the cornerstone for the entire album of the same name.